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Microsoft Flight Simulator Update Improves Performance


Microsoft has released an unannounced update of the Microsoft Flight Simulator, the developers bring various optimizations with regard to the performance (FPS) of the title into play. Moreover, the Asobo Studio has an updated roadmap for March and April 2021.

According to the details announced in the recently released Development Update, Flight Simulator players were able to apply the update to patch last weekend and use the associated hotfix to solve various performance issues. Especially hobby pilots who like to drive to large airports can count on an improvement in the images per second. The developers cite the Dallas-Ft Worth Airport (KDFW) as an example, which is said to have been struggling with FPS break-ins for some time.

Additionally, Microsoft is also said to have worked on the optimized performance of server requests in the menus and during the flight and updated the so-called “Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control” cycle (AIRAC) with new navigation data. Moreover, one gives an insight into the roadmap for the months of March and April. Accordingly, World Update 4 will appear at the beginning of next month, which takes on the graphical polishing up of the regions France and Benelux. At the same time, Asobo wants to install various updates for third-party content.

Marketplace update: Third-party content replenishment

The latter received an update as part of the patch released over the weekend. With other things, new airports in Augsburg, London Oxford, Hanover, Vancouver, Teterboro and Macau are now available for purchase in the Flight Simulator marketplace and the Fiat-Aeritalia G-91 fighter jet can also be acquired. Users can also download updates for the Model 61 Long-EZ, PA44 Seminole and T-45C Goshawk aircraft. In mid-March, third-party providers had already brought the Boeing 737 Max, Beechcraft Model 99 Series and the CRJ 550/700 into play.