Microsoft Speed Up Talks With Discord Takeover Likely In April


As we reported a few days ago that Microsoft is interested in buying Discord and started negotiations with the company now Microsoft and Discord are said to have intensified their talks regarding an acquisition for more than 10 billion US dollars. The deal is expected to close in April, according to a new report. The messaging app for gamers should strengthen the Xbox division.

The rumours about a Discord takeover by Microsoft are intensifying after insiders hinted at the sale of the popular text, video and voice chat software at the beginning of the week. As the colleagues of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) are now reporting, the negotiations with the Redmonders should reach a new phase, so that there is talk of ” exclusive talks “. The possible purchase price is still estimated at more than 10 billion US dollars.

For Microsoft, the Discord deal would represent the largest acquisition since the acquisition of LinkedIn. The business platform was acquired for $ 26.6 billion in 2016. Other notable acquisitions for the Redmond company include the software platform GitHub (2018) and the game developer ZeniMax (including Bethesda), which was incorporated at the beginning of the year for 7.5 billion US dollars. Takeover talks with the social media app TikTok and On the other hand, the online pinboard Pinterest failed in the past.

The Discord Hype

With more than 140 million monthly active users, Discord is one of the most popular messaging services that focus primarily on the gaming sector. It was not until December that the US company was financed with a further 100 million US dollars in order to think outside the box and to address “non-gamers” with new services. The possibility of free use of voice and video chats has made Discord a beneficiary of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in recent months.

In the event of a possible takeover by Microsoft, it remains to be seen how the Redmond-based Discord will enter their own Xbox ecosystem integrate and what possible changes are pending for paying Discord Nitro members.

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