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Microsoft Hololens For US Military Is Granted With 2-Year Delay

Headaches, nausea, and eye discomfort are just a few of the side effects experienced when using Microsoft’s HoloLens in the US military. Nevertheless, they stick to the “IVAS” project. Now the new schedule for the VR glasses has been announced.

Accordingly, the US government is planning to give Microsoft more time to improve the HoloLens glasses for the army according to a report by Bloomberg,

an improved model of the data glasses cannot be used by the US Army for the next two years. Microsoft must first demonstrate that it has fixed the bugs that were giving soldiers headaches, nausea, and eyestrain.

New reprieve

Basically, the project is still not much further than last autumn. At that time, too, it was said: Microsoft will be given a postponement, it should make improvements, and then the military will decide whether to consider further orders for the HoloLens or not. This is an investment worth billions.

According to Bloomberg, however, there are now more details on the schedule the military is willing to accept again for improvements.

If the improved VR glasses pass new tests, this revised version will be deployed in July 2025, the Army said in a statement. “The latest version is slimmer and lighter and is designed to significantly improve soldier comfort,” Microsoft said in a statement. There are also software improvements that should lead to greater reliability and lower power consumption. Microsoft’s “Integrated Visual Augmentation System” (IVAS) is to be used by the US ground forces as a “head-up display”, similar to that used by fighter pilots. It is based on the HoloLens.

But there have been problems with IVAS for years. The army has already accepted 5,000 early versions of the goggles, with another 5,000 improved models to be accepted as well.

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