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Microsoft Improves Edge Performance With New Sleeping Tabs

Microsoft Edge now offers insights into the energy savings with sleeping tabs in the Canary version. The advanced version of the web browser improves the features for the sleeping tabs even further. This is reported by the online magazine ONMST, quoting a Reddit user who discovered the changes in Edge’s Canary build. Microsoft is making some improvements to the “sleeping tabs” function in the Edge browser. So you can have a projection displayed in the preliminary version, which shows the estimated energy savings through the sleeping tabs. It is an approximation.

Put tabs to sleep to save PC resources

The “sleeping tabs” function was introduced in Edge last year. In this way, users can put inactive tabs that otherwise remain open in the background to sleep in order to save PC resources. This feature is designed to provide lower / improved CPU usage, longer battery life, and a faster browsing experience.

How effective this is, however, has not yet been made clear to the user. You have an ad that says that the tab is inactive and that saves resources – but what that actually means has not yet been clearly shown. Currently, the tab preview in Edge only shows sleep mode.

But that should change soon if Microsoft also shows the estimated savings that are now being tested in the tab preview for the sleeping tab. ONMST believes these changes will also help drive more users to Edge as Microsoft is doing a good job implementing such new features. So far, the changes are only available in the latest Canary builds of Edge. It could take a while before the update finds its way into the finished version.