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Microsoft Store Update Brings More Improvements

Microsoft Store

The new operating system from Microsoft, which will be released in autumn, will not only offer many “direct” improvements, the store will also be revised for Windows 11. And here the Redmond-based distribute a new version, which brings numerous innovations with it.

The Redmond company has been trying to establish its Microsoft Store for many years, but it hasn’t really worked so far. Anyone who knows the shop for software and other content will hardly be surprised because it has never been really good and convenient. That should change with Windows 11, as Microsoft already explicitly emphasized at the official presentation of the operating system.

New features for the store

Users can already get a first impression via the Insider Preview (s), but so far this is “only” a preview version that is still being worked on. And as Windows Central reports, there was currently an update that brings many improvements. According to Rudy Huyn, Principal Architect of the Microsoft Store, version 22107.1401.6.0 places a great focus on the user experience of the installation view.

The update also addresses the ratings and reviews, Huyn also mentions media PDPs, and finally “some extra surprises”. What the latter could be, however, is not known. In the replies to his tweet, Huyn only mentions the “My Library” area, ie the improvements to the library.

The update is only available for users of the Windows 11 preview but is installed automatically on this – via a conventional search for app updates in the Microsoft Store.