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Microsoft Initiates First Release Candidates For Powershell 7.2.0

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Microsoft has made an initial release candidate for PowerShell version 7.2.0 available. The update brings a number of optimizations and improved support, including for .NET. Fixed some issues from the recently released version 7.1.5.

The development of the new version of PowerShell went quite quickly. Microsoft has already considered a release candidate and is making it available for beta testers to download. The final version of Microsoft PowerShell 7.1.5 was just released a few days ago, and the next major update is already in the queue. We have added the most important changes from the changelog of 7.2.0 at the end of the article.

Bug fixes and new features

Many of the changes concern bug fixes for 7.1.5, but there are also changes apart from problems that have emerged. Therefore, the new version should be quite interesting for all PowerShell users. PowerShell 7.2.0 is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux and should be released for all users as early as November. Incidentally, with version 7.2.0 Microsoft starts the option that the application can be updated automatically.

Corrections concern bugs that appeared in connection with newer versions of .NET. An RPM packaging problem has also been fixed. The release candidate is available for download on GitHub.

The changelog:

  • General cmdlet updates and fixes:
  • Prohibit COM calls for AppLocker system lockdown
  • Configure Microsoft.ApplicationInsights so that the cloud role name is not sent
  • Do not allow add-type in NoLanguage mode on a locked computer
  • Bring property names for colored VT100 sequences in line with documentation
  • Change FileSystemInfo.Target from a CodeProperty to an AliasProperty that points to FileSystemInfo.LinkTarget
  • Build and packaging improvements:
  • Upgrading the .NET SDK to 6.0.100-rc.2
  • Update from .NET 6 to version 6.0.100-rc.2.21505.57
  • Correct RPM packaging
  • Update of ThirdPartyNotices.txt
  • Update pipeline yaml file to use ubuntu-latest image
  • Add script to create cgmanifest.json
  • Update the version of Microsoft.PowerShell.Native and Microsoft.PowerShell.MarkdownRender packages
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