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Telegram’s latest update allows users to send larger files, add profile videos, and more

One of the most famous mobile messaging applications, Telegram released a new update that not only adds new features but changes the existing ones too. If you ever wanted to set a video of you as your profile photo on the messaging application, send a file larger than 1.5GB, or wanted to take tighter control over who can send you the messages, then this newly released updated by the company has some goodies in store for you.

File sharing while using the messaging mobile application was already incredibly flexible in Telegram, especially compared to the services like Facebook-owned WhatsApp. The older version of the application allowed users to transfer the file of 1.5GB but the new update that the company released has increased its limit to 2GB.

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This new file-sharing limit applies to the conversations, as well as the unlimited could storage on the offer. This update is very handy for the users who used the application to transfer the larger files between two devices.

On the other hand, the company has also added a profile video feature to the application. The ‘profile videos’ are the videos that replace the usual profile pictures. The application also allowed its users to create a profile video in the application itself using the selfie camera, or the users can choose a pre-recorded video from the device’s camera roll.

Telegram also has something for the users who want to make their photos and video beautiful using the beauty filters. As per the details, the messaging application is jumping on the bandwagon with a softened skin slider in the media editor that can be applied to both photos and videos.

In the new updated version of the application, the users will notice a small preview of any shared media in the conversation list. Previously, the chat preview would indicate that a photo or a video clip had been received and that was it. Now, the mini-thumbnails will ensure that you know what you are receiving when someone sends you a selfie at 3 AM.

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