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Microsoft Integrates Teams And Private Accounts With To-Do


In the future, Teams users with a private Microsoft account will also be able to view their to-do lists. Until now, the option was only available to business customers. The advantage of to-do integration is that the application does not have to be opened separately.

The Redmond company announced in a blog entry that Teams users with a private Microsoft account can now access the to-do integration. If a new task arises from a meeting, it can be added directly to a list and shared with other users without starting the to-do app.

Tasks can be created via chat

A task can be created by clicking longer on a message received in the chat and selecting the corresponding option in the context menu. The message is then converted into a task and placed in the desired to-do list.

The task created in teams then also appears in the to-do app. The entry can then be edited here and provided with further information. In addition to a deadline, notes can also be saved and reminders activated. It is possible to assign tasks that have been added to common lists to specific people or to take them on yourself.

The feature has been included in the business version of Teams for some time. However, a business Microsoft account was required for this, so private customers could not use the function. The to-do integration not only works in the Windows app but on all platforms. Whether the user is using a desktop computer, a mobile device or the web version is therefore irrelevant.

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