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New Microsoft Defender Images Appeared From Preview App

Microsoft Defender Preview

It was recently announced that Microsoft is preparing a new app for the Defender, which is supposed to position the Windows security and anti-virus program a bit more obviously again, with the help of an independent app. Now there are the first pictures of what it looks like.

The Microsoft Defender has long been completed and above all reliable security solutions, the times when massive criticism of the then Microsoft Security Essentials was are long gone. Most recently, the security solution was deeply integrated into the operating system, so deep that some people could probably believe that they are not properly protected against malware and co. On Windows 10 or Windows 11.

Windows Defender preview on the store

Almost a week ago, however, it became known that Microsoft wants to give Defender a more prominent app again. This has now appeared or has been released in the Microsoft Store, the first to discover it was the Microsoft Insider @ _h0x0d_ alias WalkingCat reported by Neowin. The new app can already be downloaded, installed, and started. Or almost: if you try to log in with your Microsoft account, you will be told that the respective account is not authorized to use this application.

It is interesting that the store entry shows that the new Defender app is not only intended for Windows 11 but also Windows 10. So far, most had assumed that the new Defender app would only come for the latest operating system from Redmond, but apparently, the minimum is only build 19041.0.

One user has already succeeded in bypassing the access restriction, the Twitter user named Ahmed Walid has also posted the first pictures from the “inside” of the app. Not too much can be seen yet, but you still get a good first impression of what the Defender will look like in the future.