Microsoft introduces a new Starter Bundle for the Xbox Series S


Sony has just unveiled its new gaming console. Notably, the newly debuted gaming console is slim, small, and as powerful as the original PlayStation 5. There are no signs or indications of a new Xbox from Microsoft, so there is a possibility that Microsoft’s sales might decrease. However, the company is still trying to capture some limelight with a new bundle. Reportedly, the company has released a new starter bundle for the Xbox Series S units.

Microsoft introduces a new starter bundle that costs $299.99

The newly introduced bundle can be accessed by the end of this month. The Xbox Series S Starter Bundle is priced at $299.99. Normally, one would have to pay that much for a single Xbox Series S, but with the beginning package, Microsoft is including three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for free, a service that often costs roughly $50.

Gamers who purchased the starting bundle will have three months to cancel their free Game Pass membership after it has been activated; otherwise, the subscription will renew at the usual rate. With the new starter bundle, users will get a 512GB version of the Xbox Series S. Do note that the storage is expandable via the Seagate Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S or, alternatively, via an external USB drive. However, using USB will be much slower and prevent you from playing games that are optimized for the internal NVMe storage of the Xbox Series X/S. The new Xbox Series S Starter Bundle can be accessed from the Microsoft Store.

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