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Microsoft is testing auto-save for passwords

Microsoft is working on the ability to automatically save passwords in Microsoft Edge. For the first testers, this new extra is already available in the advanced version of Edge in the canary channel – and is controversially discussed.

A user discovered the new feature in the canary version of Edge and shared details about it via Reddit (via Windows Latest) The tipster Leopeva64-2 is one of the edge testers who regularly “leaks” new features. The new Autosave password feature will therefore only be available to some users via an update.

Those selected by Microsoft can find the new tool in the “Passwords” subsection of Edge settings. There you will find the checkbox with which the automatic saving of passwords can be activated. The feature is disabled by default for legitimate security reasons, each user can decide for themselves whether to keep their passwords at all times using the autosave option.

For users who are basically tired of typing in passwords manually or allowing Edge to save passwords all the time (because it currently asks for every save), the Autosafe option can be a good alternative. However, you should think carefully about whether you really want to know that every password is stored in the browser. One improvement that the testers have already brought into play is the ability to list websites that are excluded from the autosave feature. However, this is currently not available in the new test version, so the new feature is controversially discussed as to whether it is useful or harmful.

Edge Roadmap

Microsoft is constantly testing new features for Edge, but not all of them come in a final release. Therefore, there is no guarantee that this password-saving tool will be in the standard version anytime soon. The idea can also be discarded all together.

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