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Microsoft Lumia Windows Phones are Back

In October 2017, Microsoft Windows division representatives said that as Windows 10 mobile users are so less, the Windows 10 phones won’t be a focus of attention of the company. Then Microsoft Senior program manager, Brandon Le Blac clearly stated that Microsoft won’t be launching any new Windows 10 phones. So the death of Microsoft Windows phone was confirmed.

Now presently a range of Microsoft Lumia Phones have resurfaced. These phones were discovered on Microsoft stores’ site by Window Latest

Window Latest said, “You can buy Lumia 950 from here and Lumia 950 XL from here. Microsoft is also offering a special discount on Lumia 650 for students, while for everyone else, it’s available for $199 from here and Lumia 550 from here.”

The most probable assumption is that Microsoft has some Windows Lumia devices left in the stock and the company wants them to get sold. Now if the site link is not showing any Windows phones it means that all of them have been sold and now the phones are unavailable.

The prices that were mentioned for Microsoft Lumia Phones were

  • Lumia 950 for $399
  • Lumia 950 XL for $499
  • Lumia 650 for $199
  •  Lumia 550 $139

Now Microsoft is working to develop iOS and Android apps. Also, the company is developing features and systems that can make it easier for users to switch and transfer data between Windows PCs and smartphones.

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An upcoming foldable phone Andromeda, a Surface Phone is also in the news but not much is yet known about it, so till now, everything is just speculation and rumor based.

Today the leader in the smartphone market are Samsung and Apple. For any other company to makes its own mark, with so much competition around is extremely difficult. As for the Windows Mobile users, they had issues with shortage of apps on the phone which urged them to look for other better options.

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