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Microsoft Mistake Block Users To Access OneDrive


Microsoft made a sensitive mistake with OneDrive for Business. Users reported that they could no longer access their files because they were shown as read-only. How this came about is unclear, but the trigger is known.

Microsoft accidentally blocks editing OneDrive for Business files. Now it turns out: Microsoft has reset the storage space on OneDrive for Business to the standard limit of 1 TB, which means that some files have switched to read-only mode. The whole thing was not on purpose, but a bug that manifested itself in such a way that now numerous users worldwide cannot access their files stored in OneDrive for Business accounts.

Working On a Solution

After the first reports from those affected, there were indications that files had to be deleted in order to free up storage space. However, this is an unsuitable interim solution in order to be able to continue working. Microsoft has now announced that it has found a solution to the problem, but is still in the process of determining the full scope of the affected users. The company will determine the extent of the problem and then fix it:

“We’re investigating a problem where the users’ OneDrive for Business storage limit is lower than expected,” said the Microsoft 365 Status Account on Twitter.

According to Microsoft, the cause of the problem is that OneDrive for Business cannot currently recognize the licenses of the users. As a result, the storage space will automatically be downgraded to the default limit of 1 TB. Files that are over the limit are now blocked. Users cannot edit or download these files. Instead, OneDrive for Business only allows affected accounts to read files that exceed the 1 TB limit. According to Bleeping Computer, this delicate flaw could affect a large number of companies around the world. According to Microsoft, 85 percent of Fortune 500 companies use OneDrive for Business.