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Microsoft Next-Gen Xbox Series X And Series S Consoles Are Now Available In Europe

The two next-gen consoles Xbox Series X and Series S are now available in Europe. Despite the high demand, Microsoft promises to provide more contingents today (from 9 a.m.) that can be ordered in online retailers.

After more than seven years, the next Xbox generation is starting today in Germany, just a week before they also coveted Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5). The Xbox Series X has been constantly selling out since pre-orders began at the end of September, while the inexpensive Series S model can currently be delivered immediately. A ray of hope: The Redmond-based company announced that a new wave of orders will be accepted in the online shops of Media Markt, Saturn, Otto, and in their own Microsoft Store on November 10th from 9 a.m. It is still unclear when these consoles will be shipped.

The new Xbox consoles are becoming powerful gaming PCs

The comparatively powerful technology of the Xbox Series X was already able to convince in the first tests. Microsoft relies on an AMD Zen-2 processor with eight computing cores in addition to an RDNA-2 graphics unit, 16 GB GDDR6 video memory, and a theoretical performance of 12.15 TFLOPS. Games in high 4K resolution should be able to be played back with a stable 60 FPS, in some titles even up to 120 FPS should be possible. Lighting effects via ray tracing also play a role, which has been given suitable dedicated hardware. The fast 1 TB SSD with transfer rates of up to 4.8 GB / s should also provide a next-gen feeling and significantly shorten loading time In comparison, the driveless Xbox Series S starts with a stripped-down configuration. 

The Zen-2 and RDNA-2 base is also installed here, but only achieves a performance of 4 TFLOPs and a maximum resolution of 1440p. In most cases, the limited memory means that gamers should consider purchasing an external SSD ex-works, which is used as a “memory card” in the proprietary slot on the back of the consoles. Seagate is currently asking around 240 euros for the 1 TB model of the external SSD. The Xbox Series X itself, however, goes for 500 euros, the Xbox Series S for 300 euros over the virtual counter.

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