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Microsoft offers more useful apps and tools

Windows 11 gives access to a number of new and improved apps, some of which are pre-installed. Others can be easily downloaded from the Microsoft Store. Microsoft presents some of these tools in more detail in a video.

Windows 11: new Photos app

In addition to locally stored images, the Windows 11 Photos app also displays images that are in the OneDrive cloud storage and synced. This means that photos taken on the smartphone are immediately available on the PC or laptop. In addition to sorting by date, photos can be found and displayed using a search or your own and automatic collections. the ability to view multiple images side by side helps to pick the best snaps. Images can be cropped, corrected, and beautified with a variety of different filters in the app. It is also possible to combine the best photos into a slideshow in a video editor.

Edge with coupon tracker, handy smartphone link app

The Microsoft Edge browser comes pre-installed in Windows 11 and, in addition to integrated protection against phishing and malware, offers a coupon tracker to save money when shopping on websites. Well-known apps are also returning in a revised form. These include email, calendars, the Paint program, and the card game Solitaire.

More games, apps, and movies are always available to download from the enhanced Microsoft Store. Direct access from the desktop PC or laptop to one’s own mobile phone is then possible, for example, via a smartphone link – photos can be easily transferred, messages can be sent and received, or even make calls without picking up the smartphone. In other videos in the same series, Microsoft explains the basics of Windows 11 and shows how flexible the operating system can be.

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