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Microsoft Office Update Bring In New Features


The users of Microsoft’s office applications are now being provided with an update that also brings various new functions and optimizations. The version number increases to the 2007 figure, the company said.

In the past few weeks, Microsoft has repeatedly provided minor updates for Office 365 and Microsoft 365 users. These essentially included manageable error corrections. But now there is a whole bunch of new features. Across Word, Excel, or Powerpoint, there is now the option that the application can suggest its own level of confidentiality for the respective document based on the content it contains. This is especially necessary if larger teams are working together on a document pool.


  • The text written into maps, diagrams, and other SVG vectors is now retained when the respective graphic objects are converted for further use in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.


  • It is now possible to connect to PDF files to import data from them.
  • When working together on a table, you can now filter and sort without being visible to other users and disrupting their work.
  • Users can still create PivotTables in Excel with just a few clicks, which are linked to data sets stored in Power BI.


  • Outlook now enables the use of forms so that users can quickly conduct surveys by email, for example.
  • When integrating images into an email, the compression can now be restricted to minimize quality losses.
  • If Outlook gets stuck or crashes, items from the previous session can be quickly restored.


The playback performance of videos integrated via Microsoft Stream has been improved.

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