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Microsoft officially ends support for Office 2013 next year

Microsoft has reminded its customers that Office 2013 will no longer be supported starting next year. Users must first switch to a more modern version of the office suite. No more updates will be provided after support ends. Support for Office 2013 will end on April 11, 2023. If bleeding computer writes, Microsoft has advised users that no more security updates will be available after support ends.

If you continue to use the old Office version after that, you should keep in mind that apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint pose a significant security risk. Microsoft will no longer provide technical support from April 2023 after five years of regular support and five years of extended support. Microsoft experts explain the benefits of Microsoft (Office) 365

Even now, using the old Office version can cause problems. Office 2013 has not been a supported client for Microsoft 365 as of October 2020. The Redmond-based company currently only offers security updates and bug fixes, as well as technical support. Further improvements will no longer be built into the deprecated program. Those using Office 2013 will have the option to upgrade to Microsoft 365 or Office LTSC 2021. While the first option requires a subscription, the Office LTSC 2021 license is a one-time purchase.

Microsoft 365 & Office LTSC 2021 requires a license

The difference between the Office versions is that Microsoft 365 is regularly provided with new features. Office LTSC 2021 only offers the features available in September 2021. Before moving to newer apps, companies must ensure that all users have an account and an appropriate license.