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Microsoft Planning Cheap Surface Laptop For Students With Windows 11 SE

Surface Laptop Students

For some difficult to understand and probably in the desire for a good partnership with Intel and the attempt to market it in the education sector, Microsoft is planning a kind of Surface Netbook with Chromebook-typical technology.

As Windows Central reports, referring to its sources, Microsoft is currently working on a new, inexpensive notebook that will probably mainly be used in schools and other educational institutions. The device should come with a special variant of Windows 11, which is currently being developed under the name Windows 11 SE.

It is probably a variant specially tailored to the needs of schools, with which Microsoft intends to increasingly compete with the Chromebooks with Google Chrome OS, which are extremely popular in the USA. The equipment of the new Microsoft notebook with the code name “Tenjin” should be correspondingly economical.

Basic equipment

So there is talk of an HD display only 11.6 inches with 1366×768 pixels and probably a TN panel, while under the hood the old Intel Celeron N4120 from the “Gemini Lake” family with its four x86 cores and one by today’s standards extremely poor performance does its job. The CPU has at least eight gigabytes of RAM available. The internal storage is probably connected via eMMC. The claim to do justice to the Surface brand seems to be zero here, as the display is not even in the 3: 2 format.

In addition, a USB-A and a USB-C port, a headphone jack, and a simple power connection are included, so that there is probably no Surface Connect port. In terms of price, Microsoft intends to set the Surface Laptop “SE” “Tenjin” at the usual level for cheap Chromebooks. However, it is considered likely that sales will initially only take place in connection with larger orders to educational institutions, so no availability in regular retail is to be expected.

The development of the Surface Laptop “SE”, which is still below the new Surface Laptop Go, should be completed so far. The introduction is therefore expected this year, provided Microsoft’s previous plans do not change at short notice.