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Microsoft PowerToys Tool To Receive Quick Access Soon


Microsoft PowerToys could soon be equipped with a practical launcher that will make working with the tool collection much easier. A launch module is being considered that is visually and functionally reminiscent of Windows quick access.

Microsoft PowerToys regularly gets new tools, features, and improvements to the application in general. An interesting extra is now being worked on, which could make starting the individual tools much more convenient – especially for users who do not know the tool inside and out.

A few weeks ago, a mockup was published on GitHub that shows a launcher similar to Windows 11 Quick Settings. According to the idea, you have a quick access module with which you can start your favorite programs such as FanzyZones or PowerToys Run with just a few clicks from the information area.

Similar look

The launcher should be able to call up active modules, similar to how Bluetooth, WLAN, hotspots, accessibility, rotation lock, and other basic parameters can be managed in Windows 11 in quick access in Windows 11.

Launcher Is In Works

The launcher module includes activation shortcuts for each tool, as well as access to documents, settings, and updates. This quick launcher for PowerToys is still under development and there is still a lot of work to do to get the launcher working reliably.

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