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Microsoft To Release Insider Program For Surface Duo

Microsoft Surface Duo

If that’s no surprise: According to a new report, Microsoft is working on its own insider program for the Surface Duo – even though many experts had long since posted an obituary for the “Surface Duo” project.

Microsoft is therefore continuing to work on its folding smartphone with full vigor. The Windows Central cites a discovery made by Twitter user Gustave Monce, which points to a “Surface Insider Program”. Based on a screenshot Monce shared via Twitter, a link to a settings page for such a testing program has surfaced with the most recent update for the Surface Duo.

Users should be offered the choice of a preview ring for future builds of the customized Android operating system via the settings. That implies that Microsoft is now significantly pushing its smartphone efforts.

A/B testing for the Surface Duo

In addition to the reference to the insider rings, so-called “feature flags” are also mentioned, which presumably work in a similar way to Windows and would then allow Microsoft to run A/B tests on the Surface Duo.

Windows Central says there’s a strong possibility that a Surface Duo Insider Program for the masses is coming. When asked, reliable sources within Microsoft have already indicated that they have a similar internal insider program for Duo engineers. One benefit of an Insiders program for Surface Duo users is an extended support channel, which would allow owners of the original Surface Duo to stay current on some Android and Microsoft features well beyond the planned three-year roadmap.

There are no details yet as to when the Duo Insider program can start. Microsoft has been working intensively with insider test programs for years to involve users more closely in the development.

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