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Microsoft Provides Free Extended Updates For Azure Windows Server 2012

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Microsoft has made a number of announcements for the Inspire partner conference. In addition to the new Windows 365, this includes a bonus for users with Windows Server 2012 on Azure – they now get extended security updates free of charge.

This is a surprise from Microsoft to its customers and partners: Similar to the Windows 7 Extended Security Updates, the group has now made the decision to continue the security updates for Windows Server 2012 on Azure free of charge. Normally, users would have had to pay for the extended security updates (ESUs for short) after the regular support expired.

What Microsoft Announces?

“In addition, on-premises Windows Server and SQL Server customers who want to migrate and modernize can benefit from the renewal of the free Extended Security Updates (ESUs) for Windows Server 2012 / R2 and SQL Server 2012 as follows:

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Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 Extended Support ends on October 10, 2023. SQL Server 2012 Extended Support ends on July 12, 2022. Customers who cannot meet this deadline have the option of running their applications and data on these versions to protect for three more years if you migrate to Windows Server and SQL Server to Azure and take advantage of the free ESUs on Azure. Customers who run Windows Server and SQL Server on these versions and on-premises have the opportunity to purchase ESUs.

The three-year ESUs for Windows Server and SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 end on January 10, 2023, and July 12, 2022, respectively. Customers who need more time for migration and modernization can take advantage of a Windows Server and SQL Server 2008 and Use the 2008 R2 security update extension for Azure for another year. “

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