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Microsoft Revises Edge Roadmap


Microsoft has revised the previously published roadmap for the Chromium-based Edge web browser. Some work has been postponed, and some things that were already planned for 2020 will soon be released.

For some time now, Microsoft has provided extensive information in the run-up to the new Edge versions about which new features will be added and which versions will have larger updates. Microsoft keeps it quite different with Edge than in the Windows 10 Insider Program. There, there are hardly any hints, let alone pre-announcements of new features that will be made in the long run. The Edge team, on the other hand, works through a publicly accessible list of options, improvements, and new features.

Plans For Version 97

Now the new roadmap is available and shows what new features can be expected soon. At the moment Edge is at version 91, but the plans that can be seen go up to Edge version 97. We have sorted the new functions according to the version numbers and published the actual planned dates in the brackets. Some things are still leftover from last year.

Version 93:

Tab Groups (July 2021)
Video Picture in Picture (PiP) activatable in hover toolbar (September 2021)
New basic settings in Microsoft Edge (September 2021)
Hide title bar when using vertical tabs (September 2021)

Version 94:

Free-form text fields for PDF documents (September 2021)
Price history in the shopping experience (September 2021)
New policy to support more flexibility when launching Microsoft Edge (September 2020)
Free-form highlighting on PDFs (September 2021)
Web app notifications to show as coming from PWA (September 2021)
Security for families: add EDU sites with a single click (September 2021)
Automatic translation for unknown languages (September 2021)
Security for families: Improved protection on sites like youtube.com (September 2021)
New policy to stop implicit logins (Q3 2021)
Control flow enforcement technology (CET) for hardware-based secure browsing mode (Q3 2021)

Version 95:

Publish and update extensions in the Microsoft Edge Add-ons Store via APIs (Q3 2021)
Support for citations in collections (October 2021)
Improved handoff between IE mode and a modern browser (October 2021).

Version 97:

Launch PWA instead of browser with URL links (1st quarter 2021)