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Microsoft Recruits Executive From Qualcomm

Dr Yang Hou

Microsoft has managed to poach one of its most promising managers from the chip manufacturer Qualcomm. And this is immediately placed on one of the most important positions for the future development of the company.

The company announced that they were able to sign employment contracts with Yang Hou. He has now been with Qualcomm for eight years, where most recently he was in charge of sales and business development. In this position, he succeeded, among other things, in securing various agreements with smartphone manufacturers. It is crucial to his credit that Qualcomm’s semiconductor sales tripled during his tenure.

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Accordingly, one should not particularly like to see the chip manufacturer leaving the manager. At Microsoft, however, there is a significant career leap ahead. Here he is supposed to be head of the entire region of China, which also includes some other regions such as Hong Kong and Taiwan. He will replace the previous top manager Alain Crozier.

Eyes Microsoft China

This is a great opportunity for Microsoft since Yang is a native of China, which sometimes makes local business relationships a little easier. As a graduate of the Universities of Michigan and Beijing, he was trained in both regions and made fit for practice in five years at the McKinsey consultancy.

For Microsoft, China is without question one of the most important markets, as various developments are only just getting started and enormous growth potential is opening up. But the job isn’t easy either. Marketing of the important cloud services is only possible to a limited extent here, for example. Because the Chinese state is putting a heavy stop to the free exchange of data across borders.

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