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Microsoft Redesigned Office Icons


Microsoft Office is bringing an exciting redesign of its icons. The iconography of Office is being redesigned by the Microsoft as part of a design overhaul to implement exclusive and fluent design language throughout all platforms.

The new look has replaced the previously flat design for a thicker 3D-like design. Earlier, Microsoft refreshed the design of their icons some five years back in 2013, after which they targeted more on their web-connected cloud services. As per latest, Microsoft has been working on including Office with AI-powered search and recommendation features.

John Friedman—the head design for Microsoft Office gave comprehensive details about the design philosophy of Microsoft office by stressing on the core focus of their design language which has always been strong colours, he further emphasized that colour differentiates apps creates personality.

He also explained that the firm has chosen descriptions for the new icons which are much lighter, friendlier and bolder to use.

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Friedman also mentioned that conventionally the letter takes two thirds of the icon while the symbol occupies one third. The ratio has now been twisted and the emphasis is more on the icon rather than the symbol as per the design head of Office, the symbol speaks more to the creations by people.

Microsoft has changed their goal ever since Windows Phone has been ended and the focus have embraced other platforms for spreading their ecosystem. The office suite could be found on MacOS, iOS and Android and the actual reason for this design overhaul is to have a common design language that surpasses all platforms.

After the recent software design trends which targets more on the user experience, simplicity and design cosmetics, Microsoft with its new look has successfully updated as the new design which for sure looks classier and more modern. The new icons would start rolling out throughout the Office in the months to come and it would begin with the web versions and mobile versions of the software.

Microsoft Excel, OneDrive, Word, PowerPoint, Skype and Outlook would be the first to receive the redesign update.

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