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Instagram Stories Could be Shared to a Close Friends List


Instagram is launching a new feature that would be permitting the users to share their stories to a selected list of close friends. This is very much like what Snapchat does where one could directly send snaps to the users. Necessarily, this feature would be adding a layer of privacy as some stories are not meant for all the followers.

For adding users to the Close Friends List, one has to go simply to the profile and then click on the right menu and choose the “Close Friends” option. From there one could add as many people as one wants in their closed friends’ list. Nobody is notified that one has added them as a close friend that is, they do not receive any notification. Additionally, one could not request someone to add them to their list.

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If one is viewing somebody’s story who has added one as a close friend, you would then see a green badge when one views their stories. Whereas, when some close friend views their story, there would appear a green ring around his or her profile photo.

Previously there were reports, that Instagram is working on the removal of fake likes, follows and comments from its platform. These would be removed for breaking the Instagram community guidelines and terms and conditions.

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