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Microsoft Releases 4K Update For Xbox Series X Dashboard

4K dashboard

Microsoft is donating a major dashboard update to its Xbox Series X, which is supposed to raise the resolution of the user interface to a 4K level. Owners of the next-gen console can now try out the improved display in a new insider preview.

While the PlayStation 5 uses a dashboard in contemporary 4K resolution ex-works, the Xbox Series X only offered the old-fashioned 1080 format for its user interface (UI). The reason for this could have been a possibly higher resource consumption that a high-resolution user interface is likely to take up during gaming. It is unclear whether the developers have found a solution or whether the performance of the next-gen console is sufficient. Nevertheless, Xbox insiders can now test the optimized Ultra HD dashboard within the Alpha Skip-Ahead Ring.

Microsoft’s notes in the Xbox Series X Patch Notes

“With today’s update, Alpha Skip-Ahead Insiders will be able to use a higher resolution user interface on Xbox Series X consoles connected to a 4K display. This change means that Home, Guide, and other areas of the user interface will be in a higher resolution native resolution to improve clarity and legibility of text. “

So far it is unclear whether all UI elements are displayed in a native 4K or 1440p format, but a clear improvement can be clearly seen. However, the HDR (High Dynamic Range) function remains deactivated outside of games. In addition, the high-resolution dashboard is only available for the Xbox Series X. An upgrade for the Xbox Series S or even Xbox One X has not yet been announced. If the insider tests are successful, a final update can be expected in the course of the year.

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