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Microsoft Releases Security Update For Edge Browser


Microsoft has released another security update for the Edge browser based on Chrome. This is the regular security update for June and fixes the holes that have already been removed in Google Chrome.

If you use the new Microsoft Edge under Windows 10, you will simply receive the update as an auto-update. Little is known about the individual changes for Edge directly – this is due to the fact that Microsoft currently does not include any detailed release notes apart from notification of a new update. Instead, they are only available from Google. In the Edge update history at Microsoft it only says:

“Microsoft has released the latest Microsoft Edge Stable Channel, version 91.0.864.48, which contains the latest security updates from the Chromium Project. This update contains the CVE-2021-30551 vulnerability that the Chromium team has reported being exploited in the wild. See the Security Update Guide for more information. “

In the cited security guide, however, the details of the vulnerabilities are still missing. There are only brief descriptions of the security vulnerabilities. However, most of the details of the security vulnerabilities can be found on Google’s Chromium blog.

Actively exploited vulnerability

Google also writes there that an exploit for one of the security problems is in circulation and therefore asks all users to update quickly. This version brings all changes for Edge that were released as part of the Chromium project. Google also recently launched the corresponding update. 14 vulnerabilities were reported and rectified. Microsoft has already listed some of the security vulnerabilities in the general update history in the update catalog.