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Microsoft Announces New Functions Of Microsoft Defender For EndPoint On Android And iOS

Defender for endpoint

Microsoft has announced new features for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on Android and iOS. The mobile apps have been revised and a new detection for jailbroken iPhones has been added.

The group has now announced that. According to Microsoft, the new functions for iOS and Android smartphones will further improve security in companies. In a short contribution to the tech community, project employee Shravan Thota explains the new features in detail. The new functions include a Microsoft Tunnel VPN function in the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint app for Android. Scans for malware and potentially unwanted apps as well as the blocking of insecure connections and access to sensitive data are now also new.

Automatic light/dark changeover

The Defender app now also recognizes whether you are using a light or dark theme on your smartphone and adapts accordingly. Incidentally, this applies to both Android and iOS.

Jailbreak detection has now been added for the iPhone to improve device security. Jailbreaking an iOS device grants the user of the device root access. Once that happens, users could simply sideload potentially malicious applications. In addition, the iPhone does not receive automatic iOS updates that can fix critical security vulnerabilities. This poses an additional risk and increases the likelihood of a security breach for a company.

The new jailbreak detection function in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on iOS now complements the existing phishing protection. With the update for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Intune can now also be used to manage mobile applications. Support will also be expanded to customers using other enterprise mobility management solutions such as AirWatch, MobileIron, MaaS360, and others.