Microsoft Restricts Windows 10 October Update Due To Various Bugs

Windows 10 October Update

Microsoft confirms that the distribution of the Windows 10 October update will remain restricted. Due to various problems and Bugs, broad availability does not seem to be possible yet, so that officially there is talk of a “throttling of provision”.

An update to Windows 10 20H2 via the classic “search for updates” route should also be denied to most interested parties in the next few weeks. On the support website for known problems, the Redmond company explains that the availability will only be increased slowly in the next few weeks in order to be able to offer all users a “reliable download experience “. At your own risk, you can still force the Windows 10 October 2020 update to be downloaded, for example with the help of the Media Creation Tool.

Are there just two problems holding up the update?

The colleagues from BleepingComputer assume that the throttling of the provision in the case of Windows 10 20H2 does not only affect users with possibly incompatible hardware. Microsoft could have decided to restrict the distribution regardless of the PC equipment and the associated problems. Last week, the company released a list of known bugs related to audio drivers from Conexant and Synaptics. 

In addition, 20H2 users received an additional update in preparation for Patch Day in November. As our overview of the Windows 10 October update shows, the autumn patch comes with comparatively few innovations. Among other things, the optics of the start menu have been slightly adjusted and the Alt + Tab multitasking now includes a list of the Edge browser tabs if requested. Various options are also being moved from the classic control panel to the “new” Settings app. For example, the configuration of the refresh rate or the GPU selection in systems with several graphics units simplified. The patch is therefore more like a service pack.