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Microsoft rolls out Android 11 for Surface Duo

Microsoft Surface Duo


Somehow, Microsoft has a knack for delivering promising hardware and then chasing users away with poor support. You have to be a real lover of the Surface Duo because of the price, but also for updates, real patience is needed.

Android 11 already late

One thing is clear: Microsoft needs to tweak the Android operating system for the Surface Duo so that the dual-screen device can really show off its unique features – a somewhat successful attempt. The fact also means that although the device came out after the launch of Android 11, it still came with Android 10. With a device that costs 1,549 euros, you can not blame any customer for having certain expectations that the company works hard. to updates.

And so Microsoft was quick to promise that it would bring the Surface Duo to Android 11 by the summer of 2021 — a schedule that couldn’t even come close. At that time, Google had already presented Android 12. The next promise: the update will be available “before the end of the year”. As we could report, nothing came of this promise either.

The release starts

After that postponement and a few more weeks of waiting, Android 11 has now made its arduous journey to the Surface Duo. As Microsoft in a corresponding Update in support forum writes, the new firmware is available for devices in North America and Europe. A delivery in waves should ensure that all users are delivered in the coming days. Some of the new Surface Duo features with Android 11:

  • Lets you launch OneNote when you click the top button of the Surface Slim Pen 2
  • New setting options for answering calls when folded
  • Choice of default apps, which are automatically distributed to both screens when opened
  • Optimized quick settings and notification width for portrait and landscape orientation
  • Adjust media volume directly from quick settings in any device mode
  • Thumb mode in Microsoft SwiftKey now in all device modes
  • Updated app drawer and folder design with improved drag and drop support
  • Refreshed Microsoft Feed design with updated maps and new Microsoft Home widgets for news and weather
  • Photos from OneDrive: New, improved dual-screen experience for viewing and editing photos in the OneDrive app
  • New on-screen controller for using cloud gaming/Xbox Game Pass