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Microsoft working on Android 12L implementation for the Surface Duo


Although Microsoft has not yet even managed to update the first Surface Duo to Android 11, there are now rumors about the possible launch of Android 12L. Microsoft is already working on it, according to a media report. Microsoft did not manage to deliver the update to Android 11 for the first-generation Surface Duo devices as promised by the end of 2021 (we reported). Bugfix updates, at least for the first version of the folding smartphone, came less often than necessary in the past year.

Nevertheless, there should be no standstill in the Microsoft Surface Duo team: As it is now said, the developers are currently working on the release of Android 12, more precisely on the UI variant Android 12L. That reports Windows Central.

What is Android 12L?

With Android 12L, Google has launched a user interface specially optimized for larger and split displays. This is the feature update with all the new features of Android 12, but with improvements for foldable or foldable smartphones and tablets. Android 12 L is currently still in the beta test phase at Google. Zac Bowden of Windows Central writes: “Fortunately, the wait for Android 11 for Duo 1 is almost over.

According to my sources, the Android 11 update for Surface Duo is actually ready and should be rolled out as soon as the update has been certified by Google and AT&T. Hopefully that will happen in the next few weeks. ” According to Bowden’s sources, work on the next major version of Android for the Surface Duo has already begun.

Microsoft reportedly decided to basically skip Android 12 and instead switch straight to Android 12L for Duo. That’s actually good news, if it’s true, as the 12L includes a number of enhancements that can benefit the Duo form factor. Microsoft, Tablet, Surface, Microsoft Surface, Surface Duo, Microsoft Surface Duo, Duo, dual-screen Microsoft


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