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Microsoft Skype And OneDrive Faces Outage

For Microsoft customers, the new year does not necessarily start well, because the cloud storage service of the Redmond group is currently completely unavailable. OneDrive is currently down for private customers, and the Microsoft 365 service status page also confirms Skype problems.

Update 1:00 p.m. GMT: The fault has now been largely resolved, OneDrive should run as usual again – but a fault is still being reported for Skype.

Many customers (but probably not all) who are currently trying to access files from OneDrive are currently getting an error message: “A problem has occurred. Try again or refresh the page. If the error persists, please provide Make sure you don’t have any firewall settings or browser plugins that might be blocking access to api.onedrive.com and try again.”

In other words: nothing works at the moment, and the failure has now also been confirmed on the Microsoft 365 service status page. There you can also read that Skype is currently not working as it should. The failure also has consequences for OneNote, since the synchronization does not work in this case.

OneDrive failure was worldwide

However, it is currently unclear how widespread this problem is because Microsoft itself does not offer a map with affected areas. However, a look at Twitter and Down Detector (known to us as All errors) shows that this is probably a global failure. While the US doesn’t show as many red spots on the live disruption map, that’s because it’s still nighttime there.

In the comments, you can read reports from Argentina, Qatar, Malta, Italy, Bulgaria, and many more, so you can assume that this is a big and possibly massive problem. Incidentally, services such as Outlook, Teams, and Microsoft To-Do are not affected; the status page shows a green tick here.

Microsoft has not yet officially spoken out, and inquiries to the support of the Redmond company are currently not answered directly on Twitter, and the customer is told to describe the problem via private message.