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Microsoft Surface 4 Laptop Leaks With Intel Tiger And Ryzen Processors

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Where Microsoft has delayed the updates of important software including windows 10 due to Coronavirus the company is still pushing hard to get their laptop out.

It is not a long ago that Microsoft launched the new Surface Laptop 3 back in October 2019. Now the successor is already in the play, a recent leak reveals further technical details on what Microsoft is offering next.

Now there are new details about the rumor that has been around for a long time. Microsoft is, therefore, working on a Surface Laptop 4, which will use the new AMD Ryzen and Intel processors. This comes from a report published by the online magazine Windows Latest. The information on the new hardware not yet presented is based on an entry in the 3DMark benchmark database.


According to Windows Latest, prototypes of a Surface Laptop with AMD configuration and one with an Intel processor appeared. The Ryzen 4000 APUs and CPUs were named, as well as a surface laptop with an Intel Tiger Lake U-CPU. It is rumored that the Intel processors of the Tiger Lake U-series will be launched later this year.

Unlike the Ice Lake processors used in the Surface Laptop, the Intel Tiger Lake-U is a powerful and efficient combination of Intel’s Willow Cove architecture. The Sunny Cove architecture is currently still used.

Surface laptop benchmark Score

At 3DMark, a still unknown Microsoft Surface with a Tiger Lake-U was rated with 8,412 points and 5,540 points. According to the database, the Tiger Lake U chip used has a 2.7 GHz base clock and a 4.3 GHz boost. It is a chip with four cores and eight threads based on a 10nm architecture.

Recently there have been rumors of a Surface prototype based on the AMD Ryzen 7 4700U and 4800U models. In mid-March, information about the new Ryzen CPUs also became known via 3DMark. AMD had already introduced the new processors in January. The new CPUs offer the advantage of being energy-saving. They are produced with the so-called Zen-2 architecture, manufactured in the 7nm process. Both the new AMD and Intel CPUs are an upgrade for the Surface series. It is only a matter of time before Microsoft will introduce the new configurations.

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