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Microsoft Surface Book 3 To Offer SSDs Up to 2 Terabytes

Surface Book 3

Microsoft will introduce the Surface Book 3 in a few weeks, a new edition of its most powerful mobile device. In addition to quad-core CPUs from Intel, the device will also offer more memory than ever before – at least in the United States.

As we have seen from US retailers, Microsoft wants to use the Surface Book 3 not only to introduce the new Intel Core i5-10210U and Intel Core i7-10510U processors in its 2-in-1 tablet, but also to significantly increase the memory increase. In particular, the larger 15-inch model is to be drilled out.

According to current knowledge, the following variants of the Surface Book 3 are planned for the United States:

Microsoft Surface Book 3, 13.5-inch, prices in US dollars

  • i5, 8GB / 256GB, 1699.99 (no dGPU)
  • i7, 16GB / 256GB, 1999.99
  • i7, 32GB / 512GB, 2499.99
  • i7, 32GB / 1TB, 2699.99

Microsoft Surface Book 3, 15-inch, prices in US dollars

  • i7, 16GB / 256GB, 2299.99
  • i7, 32GB / 512GB, 2799.99
  • i7, 32GB / 1TB, 2999.99
  • i7, 32GB / 2TB, 3399.99

As you can see from the list, Microsoft only wants to offer a basic version with eight gigabytes of RAM and an Intel Core i5 CPU for the Surface Book 3 with a 13.5-inch display. All other variants, including the Surface Book 3 with a 15-inch screen, will only be equipped with 16 or even 32 GB RAM. In addition, the dealer listings already reveal that Microsoft is further increasing the features of the top models, especially in permanent memory. So far, if one terabyte was the end of the internal PCIe SSD, the absolute limit will be increased to two terabytes in the future, with this option also bringing a correspondingly high price.

In all but the cheapest variant of the Surface Book 3 with 13 inches, at least one Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics unit is installed. Our list still lacks those variants that will instead be equipped with an Nvidia Quadro GPU, whereby according to the first information available to us, a price that is at least $ 500 higher for the same memory configuration for the use of the Quadro instead of a GTX GPU is expected.

In the United States, the price range for the Surface Book 3 thus ranges from just under $ 1700 for the cheapest 13-inch version with a Core i5 CPU, but without a dedicated graphics unit, to well over $ 3400 for the top version with a Core i7 CPU. CPU, maximum memory size and Nvidia Quadro graphics. In this country, the version with 2 TB SSD will probably not be available – which is not surprising given the prices of more than 4000 euros for the top versions. The presentation of the new Surface Book 3 series is not expected until May.