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Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Gets FCC Certification

Surface duo 2

The Surface Duo 2 is now showing up at the US licensing authority FCC shortly before the next major Microsoft Surface event. So it seems that the next generation of the big clamshell Android smartphone is already on the way.

This is reported by Windows Latest and shows the data that has become known through the FCC registrations that have now been leaked in advance. According to rumors, Microsoft’s next-generation folding Android smartphone, the Surface Duo 2, will be released on September 22nd along with the Surface Pro 8, the Surface Pro X Refresh, the Surface Go 3, the Surface Book/laptop successor, and maybe, even more, one or the other new product are presented.

Microsoft has already had to register the device with the FCC. It now appears there as “Microsoft Portable Device”. The description makes it clear that this is the Surface Duo 2 . It says, among other things, that the device supports “two configurations” in which one screen is open and another is closed. “Both configurations have been tested,” says the document. The FCC’s reports and screenshots also confirm that it is a two-screen device that has a camera on the front and another camera on the back.

Technical details of the revised Surface Duo 2

According to Windows Latest, the Surface Duo will support the main LTE and 5G bands, have 5G mmWave connectivity, and Wi-Fi 6.

“The 1995 model has two mmWave antenna modules, both of which are located on the right half of the device. Module 0 is on the back, while Module 1 is on the front (display). The antenna positions are shown in Figures 1 -3 shown below for the three equipment positions that were rated for power density, “the FCC said in the document. NFC is also mentioned.

Surface Duo 2 Specs

  • Two 5.8-inch displays
  • Snapdragon 888
  • 8 GB RAM with up to 256 GB storage space
  • 12MP front camera and a new rear camera with wide-angle (12 megapixel), telephoto lens (12 megapixel) and ultra-wide-angle lens (16 megapixel)
  • WiFi 6, Bluetooth and NFC

The rumor mill has been sharing the first details about the technical changes for months. Now it should be ready next Wednesday that Microsoft will show the new device.