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Microsoft Teams New Version in March Saves a Lot of Memory And CPU Usage

Microsoft intends to introduce a new version of its group communication solution Teams shortly, which has been completely redeveloped in order to save significantly more on the system resources of PCs and laptops. A preview of Teams 2.1 is scheduled to start in March.

As the US magazine The Verge reports, Microsoft has recently started testing the new version 2.0 or 2.1 of Teams internally. Various internal testers from the software group are currently trying out the new version before a preview version is also to be offered to the public in March 2023.

50% less storage space

Work on the new version of Microsoft Teams is said to have been going on for years. The new edition is said to require around 50 percent less memory and put less strain on the CPU so that the battery life of laptops is preserved more. Some of the innovations are said to have already been implemented in the version of teams in Windows 11 intended for end customers.

However, corporate customers still use the old Teams, client, because the revision required a lot of effort. With the new edition, Microsoft is converting the basis of teams to WebView2 technology, after previously relying on the Electron Framework. In addition, Teams 2.0 and 2.1 will also switch to React as a JavaScript library, which, according to the report, will allow some further improvements to be made to the user interface for Teams users.

So far, teams have been repeatedly criticized for a lack of performance, especially when the hardware used as a basis is a bit older. With the new version, the client should load significantly faster and feel more responsive during use, they say. The new preview is expected to be available in March, although users will still have the option to flick a switch back to the old edition if they wish.