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Microsoft Teams Free Classic Version Will End On April 12

The naming is confusing, the change is final: Microsoft Teams free (classic) will be discontinued on April 12th. If you want to receive chats and files, you have to act. The paid alternative is called Teams Essentials, and a free option remains.

Microsoft doesn’t make things easy for teams with their names

Microsoft’s communication tool Teams is offered in various license models, so far you could use the service under the name Microsoft Teams free of charge (classic) without costs. Microsoft has now placed a warning on the product page: “The previous free Teams app for companies will no longer be offered after April 12, 2023.” The company places a note here that it recommends switching to Teams Essentials, but it charges 3.40 euros per user per month.

A little further down there is a note that you can still use a free version. It goes by the somewhat misleading name Microsoft Teams (free), but should not be confused with the “classic” version.

It also seems clear to the company that this confusion can occur. This again notes that registration with the “new” free team is mandatory by April 12th in order to keep chats and files. “This step does not take place automatically,” emphasizes Microsoft, the data will be deleted on the deadline.

Customers should pay

The tactics at Microsoft seem clear: they want to offer users of teams new functions, especially in the premium offers. However, adjustments are still being made to the offer that was previously made available free of charge, which makes it a little less attractive. With the new, free Teams, group meetings are limited to 60 minutes and 100 participants, and storage per user is 5 GB.

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