Microsoft Teams Now Comes With Multi Camera Streaming

Microsoft Teams users now have the option of using a second camera effectively. The so-called “Teams Content Camera” creates a second video stream that integrates content away from your own face in meetings.

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With the new “Teams Content Camera” function, Microsoft is trying to solve two problems at the same time. On the one hand, users want to present additional content via a second camera in meetings without moving the main camera away from their faces. On the other hand, the associated repositioning of the camera is anything but comfortable for users with a stationary setup or a notebook webcam.

Within the Microsoft Teams Public Preview, you can now activate a second video stream to display “Personal Video” (face) and Teams Content (additional content) simultaneously in a single meeting.

Teams Content Camera: How it works

The latest version of the Microsoft Teams Public Preview is required to use the new multi-camera streaming. Additionally, for corporate accounts, preview features must be approved by IT admins. Finally, two cameras are required. This can also include an integrated laptop camera.

  1. Turn on your personal video.
  2. Select Share Content > Content from Camera > Video.
  3. In the Content From Camera dialog, ensure that the content camera selected is different from the one currently used for your personal video, and then select and set the options you want.
  4. When you’re done, click the Share button to share the content camera with your meeting participants.

The “Teams Content Camera” feature is currently in a public test phase. The innovation is correspondingly susceptible to bugs. Until a final release, problems can be passed on to Microsoft via the feedback menu of the Teams Public Preview. The development should be completed by the time the new team appears in the fall at the latest.

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