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Microsoft Teams Video Chat Can Add The Whole Company In The Conference With 250 Participants

Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft Messenger team will soon enable video chats with up to 250 participants. In the Roadmap a corresponding expansion was included, now they will probably mid-May when the users arrive .

So far, video conferencing with teams has been limited to a hundred participants. In practice, this alone should represent a rather impressive number, which is rarely used. Scenarios in which far more capacities are required are likely to be correspondingly rare. The expansion sounds primarily like getting involved in a race with other platforms for large numbers on paper.

In certain cases, however, it can still be helpful to be able to reach more users at once. However, this is more the case in scenarios in which individuals or smaller groups want to transmit information to many other users and a live video stream does not offer enough feedback. An example would be company meetings or lectures.

Limitation should come too

“Teams” already has various features that should make it easier to maintain clarity even with larger numbers of participants. However, this primarily means simply switching off certain functions – this includes, for example, automatic replies to Outlook or markings by users who are typing. This is still the case for 20 or more participants.

Instead of an even larger number of participants, many users actually want an option to limit the number of users who can join a group. This would determine from the outset what scope of a meeting is useful. Microsoft announced that a corresponding function is definitely on the list – but it is still unclear when it will be implemented.

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