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Microsoft To Add Experimental Features In Windows 11 Soon

Microsoft apparently wants to introduce two interesting innovations in Windows 11 shortly. On the one hand, the graphics settings page is finally getting an overhaul, on the other hand, they may plan a menu that allows easy access to experimental features that are otherwise difficult to reach.

As the Windows enthusiast and code tinkerer Albacore announced on Twitter, there is currently a new overview page in some of the settings for participation in the Windows Insider program in pre-release versions of Windows 11. There you will find a list of “experimental features” that could provide access to settings that would otherwise only be available with some effort.

It could possibly be a way officially supported by Microsoft, with which adventurous testers could get very easy access to new functions that are in an early stage of development and therefore not yet available in other ways such as through A/B testing can be tried.

Earlier more feedback for the developers

Microsoft’s development team could benefit from easier access to the experimental features because it would allow them to gather extensive feedback from testers outside the company early on. There are still no concrete entries in the list discovered by Albacore, so it remains to be seen which functions Microsoft wants to provide here for testing.

Aside from the new Insider settings page, there is also good news affecting the graphics settings page on Windows 11. If this area was one of the few places where you could feel transported back to the times of Windows 10, because practically nothing had changed in the layout since then, Microsoft is now obviously making improvements here.

The look has been modernized and the content is presented in a more compact way. Of course, the scope of the redesign is still limited here. The fact that it took so long for something to happen here is probably due, among other things, to the fact that the functionality of the graphics settings has always remained the same – Microsoft’s priorities should therefore simply have been somewhere else.