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Microsoft To End Support For Windows Thin PC In October

Windows thin PC

After ten years, Microsoft ends support for Windows Thin PC in October. This special Windows version is based on Windows 7, the support of which was officially discontinued last year.

In a short entry in the Microsoft TechCommunity, the group has now once again reminded of the imminent end of support for Windows Thin PC. The online magazine MS PowerUser discovered this. Windows Thin PC was introduced in 2011 to reduce the cost of desktop virtualization solutions in companies. Windows Thin PC is a version of Windows 7 that has been slimmed down in terms of basic features and was used in many companies. To what extent this is still the case today is not known. Microsoft seldom provided numbers for circulation.

Microsoft will announce the end of support:

  • As a reminder: Support for Windows Thin PC will end on October 12, 2021.
  • Microsoft recommends that companies still using Windows Thin PC consider switching to a newer remote desktop client. Companies who need information about the upgrade should contact the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or Microsoft authorized reseller.
  • OEMs who need additional information should contact their Microsoft sales representative or distributor. For information about the Windows lifecycle, see the Windows Lifecycle FAQ.

Extended support ends

Mainstream support for Windows Thin PC ended on October 11, 2016, after the usual five years of official support. The end of support that has now been announced relates to the extended support for Windows Thin PC; unlike Windows 7, there is no further extension. Microsoft recommends Windows Thin PC users consider upgrading to a newer remote desktop client and provides appropriate assistance.