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Microsoft To Rollout Reply Suggestions In Outlook Soon

Microsoft has now officially started the development of the suggestion function for answers for the Outlook app for Windows. Users of smartphone apps and Outlook on the web have long been able to use the practical extra to react quickly to an e-mail.

The start of the implementation of the new feature was discovered by Neowin. Strictly speaking, the option of responding to incoming e-mails using the suggestion function is not new. Microsoft had just not started the feature for the Windows app so far. But that will now be made up for.

The suggestion function has been around for a long time

Microsoft started experimenting with the suggested answers for Outlook on the web back in 2018. Few months ago the company also started rolling out the feature but that all went into the Corona pandemic. The option is AI-supported and learns so that as soon as you use this extra, it always reacts better to the content of the emails. Windows desktop app users have not yet had the opportunity to try it out. But that will soon change, as a new element on the Microsoft 365 roadmap indicates that the feature is now finally in development for Outlook for Windows as well.

Start this month?

Similar to other platforms, suggested answers should then be displayed in the Outlook app with up to three suggestions. The feature is marked “in development” and is even scheduled for release this month. The function has already been released for testing in the Office Insider beta channel for Windows. The suggestion function should then be released for other Windows versions as early as April. The feature is currently available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and German, as well as in Chinese within China.