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Microsoft To Unveil Things About Bethesda Soon


Yesterday Microsoft also got the green light from the European Union to take over ZeniMax Media and thus Bethesda, id Software and other game studios. Since then, Xbox (Game Pass) players and the professional world have been waiting to find out what that actually means.

Microsoft announced the takeover of ZeniMax in September of the previous year, and since then the business has been in regulatory and antitrust limbo. The approval of the US authorities took place a while ago, yesterday the EU colleagues followed suit. This means accordingly: The takeover is now fixed.

When will (all) Bethesda games join Game Pass?

It also means that gamers will finally know when and if the games in the ZeniMax portfolio will be part of the Xbox Game Pass offering. Whether or not is not even the question here, because the Microsoft game subscription is the focus of the Redmond Group’s gaming activities, so it is unthinkable that not everything or almost everything is available via Game Pass.

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There will be clarity on Thursday. Because as GamesBeat reports, Microsoft will publish a video on March 11th or hold a corresponding presentation in which they will comment in detail on the future plans for Bethesda and Co.

It cannot be ruled out that Microsoft will comment on games that have not yet been announced or are not presented in detail (such as Starfield), but that is not very likely either. Instead, Microsoft is sure to explain what the deal means for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Big surprises are not to be expected. Microsoft will presumably give a date when most or all of the ZeniMax games will join the Game Pass. That should be the case soon, if not immediately on Thursday.

For the time being, Microsoft and Bethesda games will remain separate (by name). There will be no joint event at the next E3, Microsoft and Bethesda will present their current and future titles independently of each other.

However, Microsoft will possibly also reveal on Thursday what the deal means in terms of platform exclusivity, i.e. whether Bethesda and Co. will only be active for Xbox and PC in the future or whether they will also provide PlayStation and Nintendo with games (possibly after a certain Time).