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Microsoft Tweaks H.264 video playback for the Android subsystem

Microsoft then submitted an update for the new Windows subsystem for Android under Windows 11. Insiders can get it through the store. It now enables H.264 video hardware decoding and improves email integration, among other things. While the availability of the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) is currently limited to the US, it’s worth looking at what Microsoft is developing.

The Windows Insider team has now released a major update with many new features, improvements, and general changes for the WSA. The update will start for all Windows Insiders (in the US), regardless of which channel they have chosen. The new version number is 2203.40000.1.0 and is available from the Microsoft Store. According to the Overview in the Windows Blog The new version brings significant changes to video playback, Windows integration, and security updates. We have translated the release notes for you and added them at the end of the post. However, there are still some known issues with the WSA update. Microsoft reports that video playback in some apps and on certain PC systems may be choppy. The team is already working on that. There are also problems with the connected standby mode. When waking from sleep, Android apps may restart unexpectedly.

What is new?

H.264 video hardware decoding

With this update, the Windows subsystem for Android can take advantage of hardware-accelerated H.264 decoding. This should enable a better experience for multiple applications in the current app catalog that take advantage of high-resolution video playback.

Network area changes

This update makes changes to the platform’s networking capabilities to enable future improvements. To help us improve networking in the Windows subsystem for Android, we’re asking Insiders to provide feedback about networking issues that occur in supported apps.

email integration

We’ve made improvements to Windows integration with the Windows subsystem for Android! This update improves integration between Windows email clients and mobile apps. Apps that take advantage of launching an email client or message should immediately take advantage of this change.

MSAA (Multisample Anti-Aliasing) changes

While MSAA is a useful feature for various gaming applications, users reported that 4X MSAA could not be disabled. Previously anti-aliasing was forced on, which is now fixed.

Typing improvements

We’ve made improvements to the general typing in the Windows subsystem for Android, including improved scrolling in the Amazon Appstore and Kindle apps.