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Microsoft Upgrades Surface Hub 2 Cartridge

Surface hub 2

Microsoft doesn’t expect to release an upgrade to its corporate-focused behemoth, the Surface Hub 2, until sometime next year. It’s a swappable module, codenamed “Upward”, but said to contain an older 11th Gen Intel Core processor.

As reported by colleagues from Windows Central, Microsoft plans to introduce the first new compute module for Surface Hub 2 in 2023. The device with its huge 55 or even 85-inch screen is used in some companies as a kind of digital whiteboard and should make working in teams easier. The latest edition of the Surface Hub 2 dates back to 2018.

For the first time, an upgrade of the internal hardware is planned for 2023 with “Upward”, which is located in the Surface Hub 2 on a kind of cartridge that can be removed from the device by loosening a single screw. The current module still uses an 8th-generation Intel Core processor, so it is no longer up to date in terms of performance.

New computing module with a two-year-old CPU

With the new computing module codenamed “Upward”, Microsoft wants to give the Surface Hub 2 more power, even if the processor used on it from the 11th generation of Intel processors can also be safely described as outdated. Intel had already launched these chips in 2021.

Further details on the equipment of the new CPU unit are not yet known, apart from the fact that the new module should for the first time bring the possibility of using the Surface Hub 2 in a vertical orientation. However, this change is probably more related to the software used on it than to the actual hardware.

It is also unclear whether Microsoft will combine the new compute module for Surface Hub 2 with marketing under the name “Surface Hub 2X”, which was recently used as a name for an allegedly planned next-generation model in the rumor mill. Even with the availability of “Upward”, the enterprise orientation of the Surface Hub will probably not change, so the prices will probably be exorbitant as before.

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