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Microsoft Outlook will integrate the chat feature from Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Outlook is a standardized email client in the industry. Whereas Microsoft Teams is a video chat platform. Ever wondered what will be the outcome if these two distinct services were combined? Well, that is going to happen now. Microsoft Outlook will soon be equipped with chat capacities directly from Microsoft Teams, as per TechRadar.

Such a merge between apps and services is not uncommon specifically if you are a user of Google Workspace. Google provides access to various of its workspace services via Gmail like Google Meet. Given this, a user can begin a meeting directly from the Gmail app. Thus, providing more convenient access to clients.

As for now, it is not like you will be able to start full video meetings via Outlook. Though, it appears that Outlook will be borrowing chat capacities from Teams. In actuality, Microsoft Teams is a well-made platform for video chats. Users can send as well as receive text-based messages. Several users utilize this feature to communicate with colleagues without the requirement of setting up a video call.

One another communication platform is Microsoft Outlook. It uses text-based conversations. But in comparison emails are quite different from regular messages. Since users can’t have a long-term conversation with the person via email. This is the point where such integration with Microsoft Teams jumps in.

Evidently, Microsoft realized the requirement for direct communication given the Outlook users based on a distinct form of messaging. That is why the company added to the official Microsoft 365 roadmap that mentions that it is going to be an easy team chat experience from Outlook from the perspective of a meeting for participants.

We are not certain what this statement indicates but for sure this is going to be a convenient form of communication. As of now, this feature has not started rolling out yet. It’s a part of future plans. That is why it is in the development phases. However, we can expect this feature to arrive somewhere by March 2023.

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