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Kim Dotcom US extradition to be finally live streamed

kim dotcom extradition

The internet community has been patiently watching the case of kim dotcom extradition. This singer turned internet entrepreneur is being charged by the United States government for copyright infringement and promotion of piracy. Kim, was the owner of Megaupload, which was a platform for file storage and sharing.

Kim Dotcom US extradition to be live streamed on Youtube

Kim was held by the United States government in New Zealand. This week Kim’s lawyer, Ira Rothken, filed a plea with the New Zealand government to live stream the court proceeding on the internet.

The case is important for the people and media industry because they want to see how far the United States government can go to protect copyright holders. Kim has also been charged by the US government for money laundering.

A verdict by the court of New Zealand today, Kim has been granted the right to live stream his trial on the internet. The United Stated government opposed the idea because it was seen that this could cause complication in the legal proceedings. Lawyers hired by the US government also showed concerns that live streaming the trial on the internet would mess the jury pool.

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The court agreed to live stream the trial by a delay of 20 minutes which will allow court room to alter any material which could violate the broadcasting laws. The footage from the internet would be removed as soon as the proceedings are over.

In an article published by Reuters, this might be the first time an entire courtroom proceeding would be aired on broadcast media, according to legal experts. In New Zealand media channels often air brief clips of courtroom trials.

Kim Dotcom has filed charges against the US government for illegally spying on him and has promised to take further legal steps in order to avoid extradition to the United States.

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  1. The videos of the Court Extradition videos were deleted by the original Youtube channel, named ‘Stream TV’. But I found a user that downloaded the majority of the videos before they were deleted.
    They are hosted here under username chughes374 , and here is the link to the playlist. youtube /playlist?list=PL-V4gyYFdq1znADGeGHC1FCCKSWgEZ7T4
    If that link every goes down, message me. As I would be actively looking for another source.

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