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Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 Starts Public Beta

Visual Studio 2022

Microsoft has announced the availability of the first preview version of Visual Studio 2022 for the Mac. At the Build developer conference in 2021, the group presented the new development software with a range of new functions.

The development of Visual Studio 2022 is in full swing – now the announced version for macOS users is also starting the public beta test Thurrot reports. Previously, the group had already published the first versions in a private beta round upon invitation. The preview for Windows users has been available since June because it was published shortly after the new version was announced.

Lots of improvements, new support

Microsoft has emphasized that this version is focused on delivering a native macOS experience. This is intended to further facilitate the use of supporting technologies such as macOS VoiceOver. The speed and stability of the new IDE have also been improved. After the first reports, the preview is already very far advanced and developers are reporting fewer crashes.

There is a delay

Support for .NET 6 and C # 10 will be added with version .NET 6 RC1. Xamarin Traditional projects are supported for mobile development, and there is also support for game development with Unity. The .NET multi-platform app UI (MAUI) has been postponed to the second quarter of 2022, but the Mac preview already supports the opening of .NET MAUI projects. Microsoft will continue to work on this in later versions as soon as the general availability of .NET MAUI starts next year.

Those who wish to download Visual Studio can choose between Community, Pro, and Enterprise editions. They are all free of charge and can also be installed together with older versions of Visual Studio, i.e. in addition to the actual productive installation. We have linked a link to the current stable Microsoft Visual Studio Community version for you at the end of this post. For the beta, you have to register with Microsoft.