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Microsoft Started Updates For Windows 365 And Cloud PCs

After the start of Windows 11, Microsoft’s new offer to companies, the new Windows 365 cloud PC, is now getting the update. However, the update runs very differently than on the regular end devices.

The week of major Microsoft publications continues: As reported by OnMSFT. While we are mainly still waiting for the release of Windows 10 Version 21H2, Microsoft is already starting Windows 365 Enterprise support for Windows 11. That comes surprisingly early, as it said in a rather early announcement about the new Windows 365 cloud PCs nor that Windows 11 will start in the cloud at the end of the year. That is why they expected the general release of Windows 11 to start soon in November or December, but not sooner or later, but Microsoft stated at the start that the cloud PCs could also be started with Windows 11.

Changes At Glance

“Windows 365 Enterprise supports Windows 11 for all newly deployed cloud PCs in available regions,” the company announced in its announcement. Microsoft points out in its Windows 365 Enterprise blog that the new wallpaper makes it easy for users in the cloud PC portal to differentiate between the Windows 10 and Windows 11 cloud PCs assigned to them.

Update Windows cloud PC

As for the deployment, admins can also update existing cloud PCs by changing the gallery from Windows 10 Enterprise to Windows 11 Enterprise + Microsoft 365 Apps and triggering the redeployment via the Devices menu in their Intune / Microsoft Endpoint Manager account. According to Microsoft, there is also a secondary upgrade path for current cloud PC instances, which, however, takes a little longer and includes the tracking and implementation of an in-place upgrade to Windows 11 Enterprise.

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