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Microsoft Windows 10 Usage Increases By 75 Percent

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Microsoft has just opened its Build 2020 developer conference, which will now take place exclusively over the Internet for 48 hours. The reason is the coronavirus, which does not prevent the company from announcing news about its Windows ecosystem.

As Microsoft announced today, the useful life of Windows has increased significantly over the past year. The company did not provide any specific information about the reasons, but due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, there was a significant increase in work in the “home office” and an increase in computer use by people who, due to restrictions, were only allowed to stay at home. Windows 10 users are currently spending.

A total of more than four billion minutes with the operating system every month said Frank X. Shaw of Microsoft today on the occasion of the opening of Build 2020. Compared to the same time a year ago, this corresponds to an increase in monthly usage time of around 75 percent, it said.

The number given by Shaw refers to the total number of currently one billion active Windows 10 users per month. Of course, this gives the opportunity to break down the statistics a little further. Among other things, Shaw’s figures mean that in a 30-day month, each of the one billion users of Windows 10 spends an average of more than 4,000 minutes, i.e. around 66.7 hours or more than 8.3 eight-hour working days, with the Microsoft operating system. In other words, this means that every active user uses an average of 133 minutes a day, i.e. a little over two hours, a system equipped with Windows 10 every day of the week. Of course, there are also significant fluctuations in the length of use in the majority of users, after all, people usually use their PC for much longer than at a purely private use or to pass the time in their free time.

Nevertheless, Microsoft’s figures make it clear that Windows 10 has recently played an increasingly important role in the lives of more than a billion people. Microsoft sees this as a good reason to continue investing in its operating system and therefore wants to announce various innovations in the course of Build 2020, with the aim of making Windows 10 and its other products more attractive and useful for even more users.

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